Born in South Yorkshire, living in London (sorry), Paul's bold world of visual communication combines simple observational humour with a lifelong passion for comic books and hand-drawn typography.
Paul Loves - Cartoons, Comics, Fanzines, Super Basic Printing Techniques, Patterns, Typography, Sarcasm, constant doodling with black Bic biro's in sketchbooks (or whatever's available), Egg Mayo sandwiches with prawn cocktail crisps squashed inside.
Paul Hates - Olives (the fruit, not the people),  bad manners, Reality TV, Sheeple, Guys that rev their engines (seriously?!)
Do say - Hi Paul, would you like to do some of your goofy doodles for us? We'll pay you very handsomely.
Don't say  - "Erm, I think you've spelt that wrong" - "I heart Bono" - "Did you watch Chav Island last night? It was Genius!"
Paul's Agents are the lovely team at Pocko so give them a bell.
Awards include -  V&A Best Book Cover Award - Silver Cleo Advertising Award - Best Mullet of '91 at Wales High School, South Yorkshire.
Clients Include - Aussie Hair, Blue Q, Subaru, Cravendale, Paramount Comedy, MTV, Virgin Atlantic, Habitat, Marc Jacobs, Hodder & Stoughton, Random House, John Murray, The Guardian, Merrydown Cider, Gaymers Cider, D.O.I, Audi, Schaushpiel Hannover, N.B Studios, Christian Aid, Dazed and Confused, The Big Issue, NY Festival, Howies, etc
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